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by on January 12, 2022

In any modern wardrobe or dressing room used for hanging clothes special device. This so-called roll bar, which is a metal tube with a circular or oval cross section. Her wardrobe items hung on hangers, which greatly facilitates the search for the desired object and provides the comfort of its location.

Longitudinal clothes rail is easy to use, more spacious, and is attached to the walls of the cabinet or closet. In addition, there is a variant transverse longitudinal construction, complicated by the fact that it can advance or retract as needed. The drawer is often used with a special device (pantograph), with which you can raise or lower things to a certain height (not exceeding 2 meters).

Typical railway clothes can be classic oval and round. The oval is fixed inside the housing and on the rod support can withstand severe loads, such as when attaching to a large number of outerwear.

Regarding the second embodiment, the round clothing rod fixed by flanges. The round design is also able to withstand heavy loads, but relies on openings with a width of more than 60 cm, a much safer option to install the oval rod.


When you want to place in the cabinet, the depth of which is less than 55 cm, wardrobe items, is acceptable retractable clothes rail, otherwise "Lifter". Such an arrangement is only work for a small closet and has the ability to change the direction of the hanging elements of the closet hanging. Dimensions for pull-rod - from 25 cm to 50 cm.


In addition to the lift uses a pantograph-lift, namely the hanger rail Sheets, which must be placed under the top of the enclosure. This design reduces the pantograph bar to an optimal height convenient to be conveniently removed or, conversely, to hang shirts, blouses, jackets on hangers. A similar mechanism is used when the closet or dressing room is too big and you want to keep things on top.


  • hat;
  • Shoes;
  • tie;
  • scarf;
  • bag;
  • layers;
  • Head even more.

You don't have to look long for your favorite blouse or t-shirt, you can open the cabinet or go to the locker room and in the two accounts to get ironed, which is conveniently located hanging on the hangers. :yellow_heart:



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